To make your riding equipment complete, we have a collection of add-ons for your saddle. 


Connect dressage girth Deluxe

The name says it all, the Connect Deluxe girth is the most luxurious dressage girth in our collection. The softest leather is used for this luxury girth. There is no elastic in this girth.  By applying pressure to the sternum in the right way, your horse is encouraged to lift the withers optimally and to use the shoulder freedom in the best way. A ring is attached to the bottom of the girth for the use of aid reins.

Available lengths: 45, 55, 65 and 75 cm.
Available in black.

Connect anatomical dressage girth

The Connect dressage girth is made of supple but strong leather, with elastic on both sides. The anatomical shape of the girth ensures optimal freedom of movement. The buckles are made of stainless steel and a hook is attached at the bottom of the girth, so you can easily attach aid reins.

Available lengths: 45, 55, 65 and 75 cm.
Available in black.

Connect soft girth

The Connect soft girth is a dressage girth made of the best quality leather and very soft. The girth is anatomically shaped. The girth is equipped with a D-ring to attach auxiliary reins. This girth ensures a stable position of the saddle and provides comfort for the horse. Also suitable for horses with the girth point further forward, round horses and/or sensitive horses.

Available lengths: 50, 60 and 70 cm.
Available in black and brown.

Connect anatomical all-purpose girth

The Connect all-purpose girth has been developed for jumping and all-purpose saddles. This beautiful soft girth is anatomically shaped and ensures optimal freedom of movement. The leather is beautifully finished with contrast stitching. There are 3 attachment points on the girth for aid reins. These are made of stainless steel, just like the buckles.

Available lengths: 115, 120, 125, 130, 135 and 145 cm.
Available in black and brown.

Connect leather girth long

The Connect girth long is a soft leather girth with elastic at the end. Especially designed for pony’s and small horses with a small girth groove.

The girth has 3 D-rings and elastic ends and rollerbuckels on both sides of the girth.

Available lengths: 90, 100, 110 and 120 cm.
Available in black.

Connect anatomical belly girth

The Connect anatomical belly girth is constructed from leather and helps to provide comfort to the horse with its ergonomic shape for increased freedom of movement and a belly guard to offer added protection for horses with studded shoes. Complete with double elastic ends, 2 D-rings and rollerbuckles and a central snap hook.

Available lengths: 125, 135 and 145 cm.
Available in black and brown.

Stirrup leathers

Connect stirrup leather double

If you find it useful to easily put on your stirrup leathers, the Connect double stirrup leathers might be something for you. The protective cover makes it possible to place the buckle at the bottom of the stirrup leather. As a result, you do not feel the buckle at the top of your leg and it ensures optimal comfort. The stirrup leathers are made of high-quality leather and the buckles are made of stainless steel.

Available length: 145 cm and 160cm. Available in black.

Connect stirrup leather single

The Connect stirrup leathers are single stirrup leathers. You can attach this to the stirrup leather hook with a small loop. Because there is a single loop on the stirrup leather hook, this stirrup leather ensures that you don’t feel any “bumps”. The single strap ensures optimal comfort and connection with your horse. The buckles are stainless steel.

Available lengths: 70 and 80 cm.
Available in black and brown.


Connect halters

The Connect halter is made of soft leather. The brown halter is lined with black leather and the black halter with brown leather. The halter is adjustable on both sides. It is a super soft luxury leather halter with a shaped headpiece and a shaped noseband, both lined with extra soft leather. The buckles of the brown halter are brass-coloured and the buckles of  black halter are silver-coloured.

Available in Cob and Full.
Available in black and brown.

Saddle Care

Connect leather cream

The Connect leather balm is the balm to maintain your Connect leather. It nourishes the leather and ensures that it remains in top condition.

Available in 500 ml.